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What Do You Do When It Seems God Is Silent To Your Prayers And Difficulties ?

Arch Bishop Duncan Williams recounted a story where at some point in time of his life and ministry things were not going well. According to him, he prayed all the kinds of prayers he could think of but nothing seems to be working. Then he remembered an incident between him and the late Bishop Idahosa. So he quickly went to look for bishop Idahosa to apologize. Immediately he apologized to the late Bishop everything started turning around for him again

Most believers at some point in their lives have found themselves in a situation where they seem to be talking but God is not listening. They prayed all kinds of prayers and do all types of fasting but nothing changes. Sometimes it seems the more they pray, the more the situation gets worse. They give an offering, pay tithe and do all sorts of things but nothing changes. Their situation seems to make nonsense of the fact that God truly exists. It makes nonsense of the fact that God is a rewarder of those who pursue him and believes in him and his word. At this point, some people give up whilst others go searching for solutions elsewhere. What do you do when it seems God is not listening when it seems God is eternally silent to your situation?

The story is told of a man who owned land in America during the times of the gold rush. It is said that the man decided one day to sell his land and also go in search of gold. He wanted to go where the most gold was reported to have been found even though there were people around him who also found gold on their properties. So he sold his land and set off in search of this gold. When he got to his destination, he realized that the place was so crowded that he could not find any place to try his luck even though he had money to also buy the concession. He made the painful decision to return to his place to find another land or property to buy and stay put to continue his normal life. He got there only to find people mining gold on his original property that he had sold to someone else

All this while he was sitting on gold but he never realize it. He went searching for gold elsewhere when there was so much gold on his land. This is the situation with a lot of believers. Perhaps could it be that what you are crying out to God for in prayers and fasting is already there? Could it be that the solution is not in prayers or fasting? Could it be that you have wronged someone that you need to apologize to? Could it be that you need to work on your attitude? Could be that you just need to ask someone that you have decided to make your enemy even though that person is desperate for you as a friend?

God is a God of principles. He has made provision for everything that we need on this earth. Sometimes we just have to look beyond the obvious and look into ourselves in deep thoughts for practical solutions

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