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Ramadan Kareem, Muslim man caught using porridge to perform ablution in day time

Ramadan is the month in which all Muslims fast, this means that if you are Muslim without any health conditions, you are supposed to fast through the thirty days period of the month.

A Muslim man was caught using porridge to perform ablution in day time, the name of the man and the actual place where this incident happened was not mentioned, but the man was seen holding a big container with porridge performing ablution, the video wen viral on social media platforms, many people criticised the man of the act, in Islam, you are not suppose to eat when fasting, even if you are sick and wish to break the fast, do it on Islamic studies, but don't pretend to be fasting whiles hidden to do something that Islam prohibited. Others says the man was right because hunger can let you do anything to put something in the stomach.

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