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Man Allegedly Takes his 'Communion Bread' with Soda During Church Service

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Communion Service, According to the Christian religion, is the breaking (eating) of bread and wine on special occasions to remember the last supper of Jesus Christ.

Many churches such as Methodist, Presbyterians and Pentecost, takes it once a month, meanwhile churches like the Roman and Anglican, takes it almost 5-6 times a week( whenever there is a church service).

The normal way of taking the bread According to most of the churches is by dipping the bread into the wine or drink, or by taking the bread with a small amount of wine poured into a very small container or cup by the church itself.

Well, this is the case where a man had his 'communion bread' with a full bottle of soda he had on him during the church service.

This video has gone viral since it was posted online, and people just can't stop talking about it. While some found no wrongdoing on the man's part, others thought it was hilarious.

@adorablekween wrote: "You can't tell what he's going through. Maybe he has ulcer or needs to eat to take a particular medication.

@andyblayz said: "When church refuses to close on time ! This is what happens .. man can’t kee himself."

@dessie_benz commented: "This life I can’t kill my self.”Jesus really died for this man."

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