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Top Pastor Preaches On "Mary's Orgasm" at Nigel Gaise's Church Says "Stop Twerking, Work For God"

"Stop Twerking and Start Working For God," Pastor Says At Prophet Nigel Gaise's Church

In an on-going live service at renowned Prophet Nigel Gaise's church, the man of God Rev. Abraham Lamptey preaching about "worship orgasm" has related sexual activity to people's worship of God.

In the sermon currently showing live at Facebook Live | Facebook, Rev. Lamptey has challenged young girls and young guys to be disciplined and to seek after God over everything else, especially above their sexual desires. The man of God, who is growing in influence as a man of worship surprisingly were making sexual connotations to advance his teaching.

"stop shaking your buttocks, stop twerking, stop it and work for God rather" he advised the young members of the church of the prophet.

"Ho can you go down on your knees and give a boyfriend doggy?" he quizzed, "when you cannot go down on your knees to worship" Rev. Lamptey added.

He referred to how "Mary was ovulating" and because of her readiness spiritually, she was available for God to give birth through her and used this anecdotal example to say that, many young girls are carnal and it is no wonder, God cannot do anything great with them.

He insisted that, it takes organism and intercourse for a child to be produced, but he lamented that, the young Christians of today in many churches, just know about the physical sex which is usually just fornication, whiles he rather called for spiritual "orgasm" and intercourse meaning readiness and intimacy with the Spirit of God, to be able to birth glories in their lives.

Rev. Lamptey called for genuine worship lovers, whiles entreating pastors to raise more worshippers, rather than people who lead praises.

"Dear body of Christ, dear pastors and prophets, God is after more worshippers and not just musicians or preachers and i challenge you, raise more worshippers and not more praise leaders" Rev. Lamptey said. He said this the cheering church members present.

He finally related that, if men during orgasms can sign huge unreasonable cheque to the girlfriends who satisfied them, "how much more will believers not receive their blessings and testimonies, if they through their worship gives God orgasm?" he asked.

A quick search online indicates that, Rev. Abraham Lamptey is the founder and General Overseer of Believers` House of Worship International, and the Abraham Lamptey Ministries – Worldwide. His primary duty is to worship as he would often say “When you pray God sends an Angel but when you worship, He descends in His Majesty”. He is an Apostle by calling and have been in Ministry for 21 years. He has 2 Worship Albums to his credit. His life, zeal, commitment and passion to the heavenly vision in particular, his quest to see that souls are liberated from the shackles of the enemy through worship made him stand out amongst his peers. He is married to Mrs. Gloria Kafui Lamptey and their marriage is blessed with 3 lovely children and 2 adopted daughters

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