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Reverend Obofour "de asem beba" as he regrets massively in God's work, a bit of caution to followers

Vengeance and judgement rest on the chest of the Lord, the sacrosanct and omniscient God of ancient times in all matters relating to man's life whether good or bad.

God created man to worship him and to also have dominion over all other creatures he took time to create. Such an authority was conferred on to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

After Adam and Eve there came his descendants of whom most entered into the Kingdom business, preaching, evangelising to the lost souls with the ultimate purpose of drawing such people closer to God.

With empirical evidence, Noah, Elijah, the Apostles of Jesus Christ persevered in the kingdom business as they uplifted it to the utmost height looking at the reward and crown that comes with it.

If Peter, Daniel, Stephen and many loyal preachers passed through a lot of pains and died in the work of God so shall the end time preachers, Pastors, Evangelist, Bishops etc must endeavor to live up to just like the aforementioned ancient workers of God.

With regard to modern day preachers the direction within which a lot of the shepherds who are looking after the sheep in the Kingdom work for God are sometimes twisting things, it sounds unencouraging.

In Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, most pastors and instrumental helpers in the kingdom business or work are projecting God with all the zeal, enthusiasm whiles some are also turning the Lord's work into lucrative business, taking huge offerings to nourish and flourish themselves and families without catering for the poor.

Reverend Obofour, the general overseer and founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel, A.P.C recently asserted strongly that sometimes he regrets joining the kingdom business.

If a whole spiritual father and leader is throwing such message across the country, what does he expect the followers and other believers to act considering the wealth he had accumulated from the pastoral business?

This is not the first time Obofour making such a revelation but in 2018, in one of his preachings he verbally waded in controversial statement that he does not believe heaven exist.

As a pastor or man of God, your actions and inactions must project the vision of God's kingdom but not singing ungodly songs at church, chiding and lambasting colleague pastors, saying uninspiring words which can repel believers to miss something great in God.

Reverend Obofour who is known for displaying luxury cars and cash with his usual chant 'Ayakiriki' and 'Ayakirika' ought to live as the true man of God by saying encouraging words, preaching what is in the Bible and not mounting a giant platform for massive crowd in every 31st night crossover

If you are regretting doing the work of God as a leader in the gospel preaching, I would entreat and caution the members to advice themselves and move to other churches where they can be led into the right path without getting tired for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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