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God Changed His Life In 48 Hours: He Was A Security Man On Friday And A Banker On Monday

The might of God is undisputed. Miracles happen daily but sometimes that miracle simply brings overwhelming transformation that leaves everyone in great shock.

A man who started his job to safeguard a banking space as a security guard on Friday became a banker on Monday.

Surprised? Of course, according to reports observed on social media, the young man who was a University graduate and struggling to get a job befitting of his qualification decided to get a security guard job to fend for himself and his family out of desperation.

It just so happens that the bank was searching for recruits to fill a vacant spot on that faithful day this blessed young man started working for them as a security guard. The young man who saw the opportunity decided to grab it by sharing his job search struggles with the bank manager and ask for permission to apply for the job.

On Monday, he was a banker.

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