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Qualifications For God To Answer Your Prayers - Read Full Details

Most of us have been doing a big mistake just because we don't know the scriptures of God or we don't discuss the word of God well. Most people think so far as you are going to church that means God is listening to your prayers meanwhile it not that way. Going to church doesn't qualify you to be a Christian. A Christian is someone who's sins have been forgiven or sins have been watched away by the blood of Jesus Christ that pours on the Mount of Calvary. God only listen to the prayers of a righteous person but not a sin. How can you become a righteous person?

To become a righteous person is a big decision for you to make in your life, that decision is left to you only to make because no one can take or make such decision for you. Righteousness is one of the biggest decision a Christian have to make in his or her life journey because on the judgement day only righteous people can see the Kingdom of God.

A righteous person is someone who fears God and run away from sin because he or she knows what will be the consequences if he landed into sin. Righteous person is someone who is born again in Christ and always listened to whatever God says.

If you want God to listen and answer your prayers then kindly read the qualifications below;

1. Stop telling lies and always be faithful to yourself in whatever you do. If truly you want God to be with you in all things then don't make yourself available for any lies. You must run away from people who you know they are good in telling lies because if you are listening to them then you become part of them.

2. You must take yourself out of bribes. As a true believer you are not suppose to engage in anything which is unclean. Because the Bible tells us not to steal or chest people therefore you have to take yourself out from.such people.

3. Always make sure your listen to the rules concerning the Kingdom of God and obey them seriously. God love those who loves Him and He grant their heart desires for them. If you truly love Jesus then you have to obey all His rules and laws so that He will also grant your heart desires for you.

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