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Husband and wife relationship

Meet the first wife of Adam and why she has not been mentioned in the Bible

The current Bible doesn't make reference to Lilith regardless of she being the first spouse of Adam who was made simultaneously and also from a similar mud with Adam and not eve who was subsequently made by Adam's rib Genesis 1:27 just as Genesis 2:22 clarifies their two individual manifestations and their relationship to Adam. 

She is referenced in the book of Adam and Eve as Adam's first spouse and the blazing female evil presence who first cohabited who addresses an actual wellspring of otherworldliness, western culture, writing and loathsomeness. 

Lilith anyway left Adam after she wouldn't return the nursery of Eden and also be accommodating onto him after she had combined with the lead celestial host Samuel. 

Numerous prophets frequently depict the idea of Lilith as a risky and sly evil presence night devil of the dim who is explicitly wanton and who takes children in the obscurity.

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