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A powerful wizard or witch will only be forced to repent in one case. Find out which one it is.

This is what was translated from the testimony of a former Occultist. He described how he was working with witches from every street in the world, alleging that each street had a witch who spiritually monitors its residents. These street leaders keep track on and collect data on every family on their block.

"I would encourage you to avoid speaking out in public about your project and intentions because we were monitoring and accumulating intelligence on every man and woman, and once you announced what you were planning to accomplish, we made sure to hinder you in any way imaginable," he said.

He went on to say that street leaders were providing information about the people who lived on their streets from all around the world. The opponent has built intelligence collecting instruments and logistics in order to identify people's aspirations and projects in general.

"There are unclean spirits of intelligence collection and control all throughout," he added, "and they gave me information about people under their domain because they had intelligence on people who lived there." In addition, I was deploying nasty spirits on a variety of trees throughout my neighborhood. These wandering spirits were intelligence gathering agents, as I needed intelligence to ruin other people's enterprises and ambitions.”

He stated that the resolve and resistance of witches and wizards is one of the devil's methods in end-time witchcraft. Witches and wizards are the devil's cruel troops. In the dark world, witches usually reach a point where they will not repent under any circumstances.

These are witches with the Goliath mark. In addition, there are witches who wear King Herod's mark. There are witches who have Queen Jezebel's mark. The Delilah mark is worn by witches.

They are a slew of demonic warriors engaged in spiritual conflict with God's children. Avatars are guys who are the result of a mating between water mermaids and Satanists. Avatars are Avatars, and several of these monsters are Avatars. These hybrid humans must be exterminated. When you invoke the rainbow, which is the first governance, and the flood, they will be annihilated.

He went on to explain how powerful witches, on the other hand, will only convert when faced by angels. When Satan instructs witches to close and demolish churches, these Satan's servants are confronted by God's warrior angels, who do not hesitate to kill them.

Those who survive the angelic attack are sent back to the battlefield to face an angelic warrior, which means death. In this scenario, witches must choose between dying on the battlefield at the hands of angelic warriors and repenting.

After encountering Satan's and God's power, they can gain access to God's power. In truth, a witch will only repent if he believes the man of God is capable of defending him from the devil. He must ensure that the men of God have enough strength to defeat and protect Lucifer.

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