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In three days, I will resurrect. Pastor died after attempting to copy Jesus Christ.

When you read the Bible, you will notice that it contains numerous miracles. In the Bible, Moses, for example, commanded the sea to part so that the Israelites may pass through, and prophet Elijah commanded the rain to cease for thirty days. And when you read the new testament, you will discover some of the magnificent and wonderful things that Jesus Christ performed, such as walking on water, feeding 5,000 people with only a few loaves and fish, and opening the eyes of the blind, among many other things.

Although some of the astounding wonders accomplished in Biblical times were typically on a grand scale compared to today's standards, we frequently hear about modern day men of God or pastors who are also capable of doing biblical miracles. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, however, is one of the few biblical wonders that today's pastors are unable to do. According to the Bible, Jesus died and promised his followers that he would rise from the dead in three days, which he accomplished. This miracle has been the ultimate miracle that many pastors wish they could perform today merely to prove to their congregations that they, too, are men of God and that God's power is in them, and this is exactly what one pastor from Zambia set out to achieve.

The pastor's name is James Sakara, and he promised his congregation that he was going to die and then rise from the dead in three days, just like Jesus Christ did in the Bible. He, on the other hand, was not dead like Jesus Christ, so he requested his church members to tie him up with a rope and bury him alive, telling them that they would see him again in three days time.

His followers, believing in him like Jesus Christ supporters did, followed his instructions and buried him alive in a grave. Pastor James Sakara, on the other hand, did not come back to life on the third day as he promised his members, and by the time they realised he was not crawling his way out of the grave, they dug it up and discovered he was dead and not alive as he promised.

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