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RoyalHouse's magnificent "OIL DOME" is among Africa's best! WOW, HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

The Apostle General ministering

On 19th June 1991, while in Holland, Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah had a destiny-changing encounter, which gave birth to his ministry.

After having travelled to Holland to seek greener pastures to cater for his family. He was asleep ina room when at midnight on one fateful day; he heard knocks on his door. He woke up to see who it was, (thinking it was his Indian landlord). Only to realizing that, he was not the one,.

It happened again and this time around, he sensed rather, there was this supernatural presence in the room.

An audible and authoritative voice instructed him to pray and knowing it was the Lord’s command to him, he prayed for three (3) solid hours amidst tears, non stop.

"I had disobeyed the Lord when He commanded him to return to Ghana to start a ministry for Him. He took Gods grace and mercies for granted by rejecting the call’ He always shares

"However, after several hours of prayer, God had mercy on me and gave me another chance. He instructed me to reach for my Bible, which immediately flipped to 1 Timothy 3:1," He shared.

In this encounter which is shared when he recollects how RoyalHouse came to be, He adds that, "God ordained me a “bishop” that morning to have oversight over His church, which will be established through me. As I meditated on this I asked, “What good can come out of being a bishop?” He responded, “JUST TRUST ME”. He covenanted with me and this has been the beginning of His church."

Royalhouse Chapel International was thus founded in December 1992 as International Bible Worship Centre (IBWC) after their fellowship called the Showers of Blessings Fellowship was renamed.

Their irst Sunday service took place at the Ghana Education Service (GES) Model Nursery School at North Ridge, Accra with twelve adults and five children.

From GES Model Nursery School, the church moved to Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Canteen and then to “Blackmore and Sons” warehouse at Kokomlemle, Accra.

In March 1999, God impressed upon the Apostle General to change the name of the church to Royalhouse Chapel International to give the church a global focus.

Over these years, the membership of the church has grown from twelve to tens of thousands. The church has also spread to other nations with hundreds of local assemblies and several other international missions.

RoyalHouse's historic migration to their present place of worship was made on the 4th of November 2000. After an all-night at “Blackmore and Sons” warehouse, the church went on a prayer march to “Ahenfie”, at 4 am.

This was literally their crossing over from Egypt to the Promised Land. Ahenfie is thus considered by all members of Royalhouse Chapel as a land of prophecy and promise.

Fast forward, they are closer than ever before to finalising their eventual move into the Oil Dome (on the same Ahenfie land), which is expected to be one of the finest edifices to God’s honour with a five – storey office complex attached. See pics:

An event at The Oil Dome before it was roofed (Pics taken from church's Facebook page)

This is in January 2021 in a major program with the roofed Oil Dome.

The Oil Dome, An ediface that evokes glory & glamour

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Holland Indian Sam Korankye Ankrah


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