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On Wesley Girls SHS and subsequent discourse on religious freedoms

1-- Do Islamic Senior High Schools in the country obstruct non-Muslims from practising their faith?

Are non-Muslims forced to observe Islamic practices?

If yes, then atika atika. 

If NO, why are our brothers and sisters of the other faith being intolerant? 

Few weeks ago when Islamic Girls SHS, Suhum was in the news, Muslims were wearing hijab whilst non-Muslims were not. Did that cause indiscipline in the school? Nope.

2-- The point that because Christians are not made to observe fasting and so Muslims being prevented from doing so is equality is actually inequality.

The Christian fasting, is it compulsory like the way the Muslim one is? Do all Christian denominations agree on the type and way their fasting should be carried out.

How many times in your more than 20 years of living have you fasted as a Christian? Zero, two, five?

If a Muslim is 20 years old, he/she would have fasted for at least 200 days. 200 days is like fasting continuously for more than 6 months.

When it is Ramadan, all Muslims from all over the world fast for about 30 days at the same time regardless of the sect. This is how its compulsory nature is manifested.

3-- Some say Muslim students require the schools to wake them up and prepare food for them.

Lol. Please, no Muslim student thinks this way. We already wake up at dawn to pray the first prayer of the day. Is it the housemistress who will now come and tell such a student to wake up and fast?

All the students are saying is, if you hear they are fasting, don't punish them or ask them to stop. Simple.

Even if you won't preserve dining food for them, they will manage.

4-- I have personally observed that whenever there is religious discrimination in SHS, it's most often a headmistress that is in charge of the school. It's my personal observation I said.

Why is that?

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