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The Pastor Who Doesn't Step On The Ground When Preaching.

Miracles can never cease to exist. Some pastors walk the red carpet, and others sit on women's bellies. This preacher, on the other hand, rides on the people to whom he is preaching.

I'm curious if the people he's travelling with will hear the sermon. How can they focus on what the pastor is teaching if their backs are almost broken from waiting for the pastor?

I see three of them; maybe the third is a back-up in case the first two get tired. These pastors are exploiting their congregations, but are they pastors or demons sent to sabotage the churches integrity?

We'd think they're regular people, but they're ghosts from hell who weren't born or came from somewhere normal. I know I'm probably making no sense, but, likely, we'll all believe we're human, unaware that demons are propagating physically in our days.

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