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Don't tell me to keep quiet: He is destroying our country - Captain Smart hints

Another Monday morning is here again and we had another fantastic scene with Captain Smart and his crew live on Angel TV on Anopa Bofo Show.

Anopa Bofo show is one of the prominent morning shows on Angel TV. It is mostly hosted by Captain Smart.

This morning, Captain Smart drops claims about those destroying our nation and no one should tell him to quiet.

"Don't tell me to keep quiet or never try to calm me down. He is destroying our country and I need to say it".- Captain Smart Stated.

According to Captain smart, the woes in Ghana 🇬🇭 can greatly be accredited to the evil works of most of the pastors in Ghana. The Pastors are destroying are country and we need to wise up. How can a pastor tell members to come to church with Cutlasses to cut the enemy as he is driving Range Over and other expense cars with Children and family members.

In the picture above, members are in the Church with cutlasses cutting the floor with the intention of cutting the enemy.

" They are wasting their precious time which would have earn them money when they are working. And after church they will go and steal because they have nothing to eat.

He[Pastors] in Ghana are highly destroying our country and no much need to blame Blame Government" - Captain Smart Stated.

Christianity is destroying our country. They are now working in accordance with Christ and this is totally bad and dangerous.

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Anopa Bofo Ghana Smart


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