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Bishop Larry Odonkor's Son, Graduates From Expensive American International School.

Bishop Larry Odonkor has been in the news lately, for what he alleges as unpaid SSNIT by Lighthouse church. His story of service began when in December 2001, Larry Odonkor had laid down his Bsc. Biological Science degree awarded him at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and became a full-time minister of the Lighthouse Chapel International, at the tender age of just 25.

For the next 19 years of his life, the vibrant graduate would open branches of the church in several African countries such as Ethiopia, Central Africa Republic, South Africa, and Madagascar. In Ghana, he laboured in the Lord’s vineyard in Akim Oda, Suhum, Wa, and in Accra.

Bishop Larry Odonkor with Bishop Dag and also in a Crusade at Madagascar whiles pastoring Lighthouse

If you are ever familiar with the phrase "mercy," as a sign of humility and this response emanating from Bishop Dag and Lighthouse, well, its real source is Larry Odonkor, who served so well that, he eventually became a Bishop in the church.

Well, al was going well, until according to him, he heard this, “And I heard God say to me on 6th March 2020, that ‘if you don’t leave, you will not fulfil your ministry,’” and he sure did, resigning in April 2020. Currently, he pastors Penuel Christ-Centered Church, and maybe, his season in life now, is to undo, all that, he did at Lighthouse for the past, close to two decades.

What nay have brought him to the limelight of late, as he fights for monies due him, as SSNIT payments. He was thinking about his future after the resignation, when he learned of a shocking past that, only five years of pension contributions had been paid, as some 14 years of active service had vanished off the radar of his pension contributions and thanks to Azure Manasseh's "The Fourth Estate" his issues went viral.

Well, he must be having issues with Lighthouse and Bishop Dag, but his most recent post is indicative that, the God of Bishop Dag, had indeed been a blessing to him. This is so because, his son just completed the renowned and expensive American International School, based at East Legon and this son and in fact, all his children, has been studying there ever since he was a Bishop of the Church.

The school, which charges thousands of cedis and payments made in dollars is certainly not for the poor. His son's graduation has received applause on social media by far and interestingly, his son now heads to the USA for his Bachelors Degree and this brings joy to every parent.

In a Facebook to announce his sons graduation, he wrote that, "You can’t curse whom God has blessed! To God be all the glory!" and clearly, this may have vindicated him from the alleged curse, Bishop Dag, has pronounced on detractors, who may ever want to see what God is building through his hands, fall to the ground.

Together with the five other pastors, their case is before the law courts, but before the courts can even decide, his pulpit and social media has been helpful to fighting his cause, as he uses these two mediums to advance his cause that, the church he served for 19years and becoming one of the ferocious church planter, has been a cult all this while.

Again, from his posts, he alleges that, Bishop Dag, who ordained him as a Pastor and later as Bishop, is false prophet, but interestingly, he has no plans of relinquishing his Bishop Title, he got from a "false prophet", as he insists that, he worked for it.

Again, due to attacks on Bishop Dag, who is no longer his spiritual father and the church, that has blossomed into 92countries, having started from the Korle Bu Medical School canteen, Bishop Larry Odonkor is unable to preach every Sunday at his own church. From his videos posted on his Facebook page, another pastor of his, in his new church s seen always preaching and from my observation, he permits this because, he also alleges that, God never makes one man, the only shepherd of souls in the church.

As one, who has seen massive church growth whiles serving at Lighthouse, his biggest challenge now, may be to find ways to ensure church growth in his new ministry and with the help of social media, we can expect to see pictures of such, on Facebook as soon as possible, as God gives them the increase, something they may need badly.

We can only wish him the very best in all his endeavours.

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