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Five times rev Obofour and wife look inappropriate in their photos

In this country, Many Christians believe that, once you are a man of God or a pastor whether charismatic pastor or a pastor of any of the Orthodox Churches in the country You must live emblematic or sacrosanct life styles so that, the church members will emulate you. However, some men of God in the country, the kind of things they do is not far from what an ordinary people will do.

Because the world is dynamic, things are changing so social media has become common, anything you do or better still any actions that is unsacrosanct from a anyone be it a man of God or an ordinary person will pop up on the internet or social media. Nowadays, Some of the pastors or so called men of God behave in a manner which is not different from what an ordinary person will behave.

In this particular write-up focuses on some men of God who actions, style or ways of speaking in public is very appalling. We all know that being a man of God you have to at least try and live uncontroversial life so that people will not doubt you as a good pastor.

One famous, handsome and rich pastor who is populary known as rev obofour has been tagged as a controversial pastor due to the way he behave and his actions especially on social media they way he and her huge backside wife who also goes by the name Ciara Antwi have been spotted inappropriately on social media.

Below are some of their controversial photos they posted on social media which did not go down well with many Christians. He has been lambasted on several occasions but pay no need to what people say about him and his beautiful wife Ciara.

Thanks for reading.

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Christians Obofour


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