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Reads Christ was not born in a manger. read your Bible well and stop believing in lies.

There are many preachings and teachings about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Notable among many teaching about Christ Jesus is that he was born in a manger by holly Merry. Is this the truth or a fallacy ?

Most Christians were told by their preachers that the Messiah was born in a manger especially Sunday school teacher. They most times stage dramas to portray his birth in a manger, musicians composed songs of him being born in a manger as well as some writers do but the big question is "was the Messiah really born in a Manger?"

Dr Pastor Obed Obeng Addae the Head and the founder of Christ cosmopolitan incorporated (CCI) with the head quarters at Kumasi -Ghana has a biblical fact about the Birth of Jesus Christ. in one of his teaching, Pastor Obed blew every bodie mind as he uncovered the truth in the Bible that Christ was not born in a manger but "laid in a manger" quoting from Luke 2:7 , He made it clear and clean that the Messiah was laid in a manger not born in manger as most Christians claim,

Dr Pastor, Prophet Obed Obeng taught with deep knowledge and revelation of the word of God.He stated that it a big mockery to say the Messiah was born in a manger and therefore entreat all Christians to read their Bible well and take each and every single word in the bible serious and not to misinterpret it.

Wawoo !! Isn't Pastor Obed one of the best Bible teachers of our time ? I think He is !!

What is your knowledge about the birth of Christ from the bible ?

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