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Christians Need To Practice Buddhism To Be Better; Said Buddhist Experts

Religion is something that one must belong to. Everyone in this world has a religion that he or she belongs to. There are many types of religions. Some are Shintoism, Buddhism Judaism, pantheism, Christianity, Islamic and traditional religion.

Religion is something which one belongs to be protected away from external forces. Religion has helped many people to correct their mistakes and also to strengthen them in their daily lives.

There was a word from one of the Buddhist experts claiming that if Christians were to combine Christianity with Buddhism they would have been better than they are right now. He said Christians live their life without any rules and regulations.

He added Christians go to church and come back home and fornicate, kill, lie, and Steel. This is because they are not bounded by any rules and if they were bounded by rules they wouldn't have gone out to cell.

Many people gave their testimonies about how Judaism has helped them to live a simple life just because day combined Christianity with Buddhism. Some were claiming that Buddhism has helped them know the true nature of life and has aided them to know the right and the truth.

Some said Buddhism is not a religion but it is law because of the strict rules it provides to the people known as the law of "karma".

Here are some comments when people were arguing on how to mend they are Christianity with Buddhism:

Guys, what do you think about what the Buddhists said?

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