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Before Bedtime; Prayer Points To Overcome Bad Dreams

Our heavenly father, I pray this evening to seek for your protection and guidance against any evil spirits that will try to harm me this night through bad dreams in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, I need your anointing this night to help me escape from the hands of the devil who will try to bring me bad dreams in Jesus name I pray.

You are my protector and guider so please free me from any bad dreams this night in Jesus name.

My father, my father I need your holy fire to surround me as I sleep to prevent the work of any evil spirits that will try to come on my way this night through dreams in the name of Jesus.

You are my strength and protector, try to hide me always from the evil spirits as I sleep this evening.

Oh my heavily father, I seek for your mercy this evening as I sleep, do not punish me with my immoral attitudes and free me from bad dreams this night in Jesus name.

Father Lord, I need your angles to surround me this night as I sleep to protect me from evil spirits in Jesus name.

I pray this night that, help me have a good night with sweet dreams In Jesus name.

O Lord, prevent me from all bad dreams this night as I lay my head on my pillow in the mighty name of Jesus.

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