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My Dad Placed A Curse On Me But Now That I Made It In Life He Wants To Benefit From It – Lady

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I am a Yoruba woman and grew up with my parents in Lagos. My father was a deacon in our church while my mother was a female leader. I was also very devoted to the Church, but I ended up making mistakes in my life that I regretted.

I made some bad friends who then affected me negatively and made me sleep with guys just for fun and enjoyment. I did all this behind my parents' back and no one knew, they thought I was still a holy child.

Unfortunately I was pregnant, I was too scared to have an abortion so I had to keep it. I know I'm in trouble, but I have to face my fears. That night I went to my parents and opened the door for them, they screamed, screamed and got angry at me. Then my father said that he could no longer keep me in his house, that I would ruin his chances of becoming the next minister and that I would make him laugh. He says much the other day, I have to tell him he has to shut up, I m his daughter and I have to be first in front of church.

He got up and hit me and I really don't know what happened to me that made me push him. I thought I would defend myself so he wouldn't hit me again. I felt bad about it, so I apologized to him, but he chose the Bible and started cursing me. She said things like "If my parents weren't strong and they never gave birth to me, I would never be successful in life." He talked a lot and kicked me out of his house tonight.

I had to move into my aunt's house and give birth there. About 12 years have passed and things have really changed for me. I returned to God and set out to be delivered from every curse. Now I have my own business and I have many employees who work for me and make money for me.

Now I did it despite his curses and hostility, so he started calling me and telling me he was sorry that he and my mother were in poor health and that he had sold his car and some belongings, but he wanted to get back on his feet financially. I told him he cursed me and sent me whatever he wanted. My dad didn't repent at all, he said he gave birth to me and deserved to benefit from me and all that.

I'm not a bad person but I just feel this guy doesn't deserve to be happy in life after what he did to me. I just pray that God will repay him accordingly and help me forgive him because I thought I wouldn't. It's so hard when I remember all the pain.

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