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Edem pushes for making Christianity appealing.

Edem is arguing that Christianity should be appealing. He claimed that his songs had been preaching.

Edem reports that he aspired to become a pastor.

Denning Edem Hotor, better known by his stage name Edem, is promoting a new form of worshiping God in order to make Christianity more appealing.

Religion, he claims, is a problem in general, but Christianity, he claims, has not been practiced properly since it allows people to explore and do what they want after comprehending and trusting in God. "I think we need to shift away from the traditional form of worship to make Christianity and God look cool," Edem said on Joy Prime.

"I think Christianity is OK; it allows people to do anything they want, but religion is the issue." People are restricted by its borders. Religion, for example, would tell you that they are uncomfortable with a girl wearing slender shorts and adorning herself with so much jewelry coming to church, yet Christ will accept the individual totally since we are all equal in his eyes."

In contrast to Christianity, which is simple when you believe in God, the hip-hop rapper believes that religion has always been problematic since man has built barriers that limit people's freedom.

He explained that because his song 'Power' is a gospel song, he has been preaching the gospel on the low.

"Christianity must evolve with the times; believers should strive for a modern lifestyle, because the donkey Jesus rode back then is comparable to a Bentley in today's world," Edem emphasized.

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