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How To Return Back Evil Arrow To It's Sender. (Back To Sender)

If you feel that whatever is holding you down, stopping your progress in life is a bad spiritual projection into your life or if you are sick and you feel it's a spiritual arrow, do the following.

Get Firewood Ashes. Ashes are what am holding in the picture attached to this article. I did not say charcoal ashes oh. I said, firewood ashes. As in, ashes after making meals from firewood.

fetch some in your hand. As in getting the ashes and pour on your palm. Just like the way you are seeing in the picture. Go outside barefooted at night. Close your hand and use the ashes to round your head 7 times.

Say you return every evil arrow back to the sender in Nkwo, Eke, Orie, and Afor. If it is a spirit or bad luck and rejection that has been projected into your life, say it. Open your hand, pour the ashes on both palms, then blow it into the air that you return it back to its sender.

Then go back inside. That is how you do a simple and effective back to the sender. Don't forget to share this post ho, Share for the benefit of others.

That being said, it's a day more to go for this month's full moon's prayer o. This month's full moon prayer is on Sunday. If you want an article on how to make a full moon prayer for your benefits all you need to do is to comment below. If I get 500 replies I will post the article.

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