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Pray These Prayer Points Before You Enter The Examination Hall

When we are talking about the Kingdom lifestyle, what do we mean by that? If you wish to follow Christ, then you should also wish to follow His commandments. It' s not just by following His commandments, but it is by obeying those commandments which He has set aside for each and every one of us to obey. If I am to advise you on the the Christian faith, I would advise you to submit to Christ' s reign fully.

As a Christian who wants to make heaven, you would need to act like a child. Acting like a child doesn't mean that you must act silly. NO! Rather when it comes to the things of God and the Christian faith, you should be as humble as a child. Anybody who does not embrace the rule of Christ like a little child cannot experience the kingdom lifestyle. And that is just the truth.

If you are unable to be as humble as a child, probably a child within 1 to 4 years then you may not experience the lifestyles that is happening in the kingdom of God. When the little children wanted to come to Jesus, the disciples rebuked them from meeting Jesus. And Jesus Christ told His disciples not to stop the children from coming to Him. If I am to explain deeper, what are those characteristics we can see in a little child?

Note that a child doesn't keep malice because their hearts are always free. They don't think evil and they don't plan evil against somebody. Their hearts are a kind of hearts that forgives easily because they take things normal. Most at times, they are easy going, trusting, humble etc. Christ wants us to fully accept His reign as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Dear beloved, do not even allow the Influence of riches to take or deviate your mind away from the things of God. Hallelujah.

Prayer points: Oh God, guide me while I am writing my examinations.

Protect me and give me the grace to pass this examination. Grant me success in Jesus name.

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