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Please pray for India as their case has shoot up beyond control.

Please pray for India. The nation as a whole will die.

India is famous for its Hinduism and idol-worshipping. The majority of Indians are traditionalists who believe in the supremacy of their gods.

Will the gods of all powers, on the other hand, save mankind from a pandemic, let alone an outbreak like COVID-19?

According to Bible scholars, the Egyptian gods could not save their lands when the God of Israelites struck Pharaoh and his citizens with calamities for disobeying Him.

Today, most parts of the world, especially India, is in a similar situation.

However, it is difficult to tell if the current frightening situation is a manifestation of God's wrath or a weapon used by Satan to destroy the world.

The source of the Novel Coronavirus "COVID 19" outbreak is clearly unknown. Many Supreme Countries have been brought to their knees by the pandemic.

In India

Currently, thousands of lives are lost, as the pandemic has skyrocketed March to April 2021. Hospitals are unable to accept patients due to a lack of beds and oxygen. Many patients were left unattended, even though the number of health staff was reduced.

As of May 2nd, 2021, their overall case count was 4,863,712 with a total death count of 40,190. As the number of cases continues to rise, more deaths have been recorded.

The bodies COVID 19 virus victims are been cremated every day. Many were left on the side of the road. Every day, mass national cremation services are held. Indeed, it is a dreadful scene that no reporter would be emotionally capable of describing.

Before the remains are cremated in the mass flames, families and loved ones conduct final rites for the bodies.

The whole world must be praying for India. The government no longer has control over the situation.

Meanwhile, people continue to wonder why ASTRAZENECA, the most famous COVID-19 vaccine can not save their lives.

Many people are wondering if the vaccine is safe. Is it safe and dependable?

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