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Be thankful to God always; check out the number of people who die every second in the world

The inevitable end of life is death. It is in the Holy Bible of Christians that the benefits of life are death. Despite the Bible saying the day of death is better than the day of birth, nearly everyone wishes to stay longer on earth. Being alive is a privilege, no one decides to be alive and he or she is alive. Rich, poor, famous, and not-so-popular people will all go when their time is due. So if we are alive today it is by the grace of the almighty God. People we knew, around our age or younger who are dead, once thought death was far away from them. 

More often than not, we tend to forget ourselves and count on things we have like money, a house, a flashy car, and what have you. Need I remind you that whether you like it all not, we shall all go one day. To give you reasons to know how privileged you are to be alive today and why you should always be grateful to God, I get you updated on the number of people who die worldwide every second and minute. According to Medindia World Death Clock, an estimated 1.80 persons die every second, 106.60 every minute, and 6,392.70 and 56,000,000 every year.

Having been updated on souls who are just like you who perish every second, I guess you now value your being alive and know you do not owe it to yourself or anything on this Earth, but God almighty. To pay God for protecting your life, the best you can do is to thank him every day for being there for you. Believe in him, ask for long life and your days on earth shall belong.

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