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Good Samaritan Transforms A Homeless Man Into A Pastor.

"Get away from me, for I don't know who you are," He will tell them. I was sick, but you did not care for me; I was incarcerated, but you did not visit me; I was hungry, but you did not feed me; I was homeless, but you did not shelter me; and they will respond, God, where did we see you? We denied you all of these; and he will respond, because you did not do it for your neighbor, you did not do it for me.

One of the main reasons we all exist on this earth is to provide a helping hand to one another. To succeed, we all need each other's help. An anonymous guy took responsibility for a homeless man who was on the verge of starvation and changed him into a joyful man by sending him to his house, physically bathing him, and providing him with clothing.

Following that, he was handed a holy Bible, indicating that he liked to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Good Samaritan


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