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Angry Church Members Lock Out Head Pastor Because Of His Poor Human Relations!

This Sunday was the first Sunday in 2021 and every church in Ghana held a memorable service to commensurate the new year.

But there was no church service in Trinity Presbyterian Church in Domeabra in Asante Akyem North not because of Covid19 but the church members decided that there won't be any church service until the issue on the ground is settled.

In fact, these church members locked the church and threw out the pastor.

So, what at all in this world may have caused these church members to Lockout their own pastor?

According to the church members, their lead pastor has poor human relations. In fact, he has no compassion and empathy for people.

Most Reverend Nana Ebenezer Mensah Kuma they say doesn't know how to treat people well. He is almost like an enemy to all the church members.

According to the church members, since the Most Reverend was posted to Domeabra, they have never had peace of mind.

The church members feel the Most Reverend has failed as the father of the church because he doesn't behave like a father at all.

No one dares goes to him for even counselling. When they go to evangelism and invite people to church, they don't want to come because of Pastor Kuma. Once they hear that is Pastor Kuma's church, they frown and refuse to come.

The church members have decided not to tow that line again in 2021. So they have thrown out the pastor and have lockdown the church.

In fact, they have written letters to the area head requesting that the most Reverend be replaced immediately without delay else in 2021, there wont be any church service.

The funny part of the whole saga is that, the pastor has prepared his new year's message, ready to address the congregation but as soon as the church members saw him, they quickly met him and escorted him out of the church, insisting, he won't preach to them today.

So, all those who bought new dresses and new shoes ready to showcase them in church didn't get the opportunity to do so. May be next they may get an opportunity to showcase them.

Anyway, what do you think about this whole saga?

Were the congregation right to lockout their head pastor or they went too far?

Your comments are welcome.



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