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Prayer alone cannot solve every problem.

Religiously, prayer is the communication between man and his object of worship.

Christians and other religious bodies believes that, it's through prayer, God answer's their hearts desires. But many people also have the view that, prayer alone cannot solve all the problems of the believer.

In a Facebook post sited by WesternMedia, the Facebook user named Akinwumi Opeolu, asked in the post that "can prayer solve all problems?" It was posted on a Facebook Bible Studies page.

The controversial question brought a lot of comments by many other people showing why Christians should not rely on prayers only.

In fact, some comments that came in categorically stated that, God will never answer a prayer requesting for God to kill or punish an enemy and another person wrote that, sometimes it's not only about prayers, one need to praise God with joyful songs and through that, will answer the prayer request.

Whiles others wrote that, the prayer should be followed by hardwork and self commitment, others too wrote "yes" without any further explanations.

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