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Your Success Depends on the Word of God.

And Simon answering said unto him Master ,we have toiled all the night and taken nothing;nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. (Luke 5:5).

One day Peter was fishing at the sea of Galilee.He kept casting the net into the water and anytime he drew the net there was nothing.He drove the boat back to the shore and after a while Jesus came there.

Jesus saw that he had caught nothing so he instructed him to launch out into the deep but Peter said he had toiled all night but caught nothing but nevertheless at his word he will launch out into the deep.Peter obeyed Jesus word and drove the ship into the deep part of the sea and cast his net and this time around he a net breaking abundance of fish.Hallelyah!

Jesus saw his labour and stuggle and wanted to show him mercy and give him rest.Jesus was willing to help Peter because he believed and trusted in the name of the Lord;Blessed are they that trust in the name of the Lord.

You may be like Peter who was working all day with little or no result to show for your labour. But that is about to change in the name of Jesus.

The Lord is about to release a specific word to you that will provoke success beyond your wildest imagination.This word will give you the strength and favour to do again what you did for the first time but failed.You shall rest from your labour.This time around God will work things out to favour you;things will begin to fall into place to bring about the success you have been desiring to achieve.

I don't know what you want to quit doing but if you are doing the right thing don't give up.God will help you succeed because you trust in His name.Halleluyah!

God bless you.

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Thank you.

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