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KSM petitions almighty GOD

Kwaku Sintim-Misa prevalently known as KSM has been asking why anyone will simply rise and request the notice of being known as a prophet.

In an open letter which he routed to the Almighty God, the humorist asks from God, whether he has brought the norm down to turn into a prophet.

The West African country has seen a lot of untrue predictions from these prophets who guarantee to be called by God.

A large number of their predictions anyway have been based on passings, outrages and other negative things. Lamentably a portion of these predictions never saw the light.

He petitions by saying Dear God, Is it genuine that you have settled for what is most convenient option for those applying to be Prophets? These days, any brainless jerk professes to be a prophet blessed by God. It its actual you have settled for less to oblige "boneheads", benevolently increase current standards.

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