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Jealous God Wil Not Forgive You When His Name Is Used In A Rogue Manner - Bisop Boateng.

Founder and leader of the Gospel Revival Church of Christ located at Kumasi Sofoline in the Ashanti Region, Bishop John Nana Kwame Boateng has expressed regret about the manner in which people these days have been using the name of God in a rather rascal and roguery way to deceive the society.

He insisted that such people will face his (God) wrath before and after death if they refuse to reform. 

Reacting to the cases of fraud, crime wave and other antisocial vices in the country, Bishop Boateng linked the situation to where certain people allegedly use the name of God to accomplish their wicked agenda. 

The clergy posited that the way people portray the word of God in the present era obviously shows that the fear of God is less existence in the country.

 As he termed, God's name has been rampantly and ridiculously using to commit crimes with the offending culprits go unpunished.

He cited especially some so-called men of God who have been spreading falsehood to amass dirty wealth, which according to him is contrary to the both word of God and state laws.

According to the bespectacled man of God, there are certain top government officials who also humbles themselves in the name of God to get into offices through the people's mandate, but later seen abusing their positions.

The Bishop indicated that it is against this background that the country is confronted with numerous challenges, because the name of God cannot be taken for granted. 

Though they use the name of God and pretend as if they are Angels, the same people are allegedly spotted on shrines or heard flirting  with jujumen, and asked, by so doing what future do one expects the country to be.

Citing the book of Exodus 20 verse 1 to argue his point, Bishop John Nana Kwame Boateng reiterated that God is a jealous God and that no one can apply his name in a rogue way and go scot free. 

He added that until God punished these mischievous people now and after death, they would hardly believe 

the power and true existence of God. 

Bishop Boateng observed that due to the conceptual conduct of getting rich quick, people have turned God into a football, beating it anyhow without thinking about the negative impact which awaits them.

 But for real these people have questions to answer before God one day, the Bishop reechoed.

In order for the country to get rid of its challenges, he urged Ghanaians who use the name of God to potray themselves as special citizens, yet crooks to turn over a new leaf so that with God's intervention, the country prospers. 

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