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As a Christian do you understand the word of God; 80% of christians don't understand the word of God

Today christians do need help in understanding the will and ways of God, most Christians in the country and outside the country have all committed themselves to not following the word of God in the way they should. Here in Ghana, some men of God have made millions of dollars from duping and spreading fake news to church members. This is as a result of christians not reading the bible and understanding the will of God, properly. Here in Ghana, pastors take advantage of some situations and sell inappropriate items to church members all in the name of receiving blessings from God. Ghana is a Christian country, this is because most Ghanaian's are Christians whiles the rest are Muslims.

Picture Credit : Google

Picture Credit: Google

Muslims are said to be the group of people who understands the will of God, and obeys Gods wishes. Gone are the days when a Christian commits a sin, God immidiately punishes him/her things have changed now so christians are lost. The purpose for writing this article, is to let Ghanaian's understand the will of God. According to the bible, Christians have a responsibility and that is to obey and respect Gods wishes so that blessings shall follow them. Also Christian's are expected to pray and read the bible always to make the word of God dwell in them. But most Christian's don't and intend gets dupped and lied to by pastor's. The rate at which false prophecy are being given out is high, and this is as a result of Ghanaian's lucking the knowledge about the word of God. According to the word of God, the days of prophecy are over so as prophets. Here in Ghana most men of God do call themselves prophets making false prophecies, to Ghanaian's in return to gain riches from them. 80% of this christians don't understand the word of God, the likes of Bishop Daniel Obinim who lied and dupped more church and non church members still has followers. Just recently one prophet Badu kobi have out some prophecies which failed out claiming they are from God. This is happening because Ghanaian's are lazy to read the word of God, for the direction of God to right places.

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