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Christians in Ghana are hypocrites: Tilly Akua blasts Wendy Shay critics following her viral video

Queen Shay after dropping the exciting "Break my waist" video has got many Ghanaians attacking her by pointing fingers at her. They are asking if she is the same lady who made it clear to us sometime ago that, she has repented and is now a Christian.

How can a born again Christian be whining her waist like that? How can a repented soul be enticing men with such a video? These are questions being asked by most Ghanaians, especially, Christians.

Tilly Akua has come out to defend Wendy Shay and listening to her, you get excited. Tilly claims Wendy Shay doesn't have any obligation to prove to Ghanaians whether she has repented or not. The only obligation she has is to Jesus Christ and therefore, the critics should back off.

She is a musician and earns a living from the money she generates from the music. For this reason, she has to do whatever it takes to get her craft out there. In her quest to promoting her music, she gave us these dance moves and Ghanaians cannot stop talking about it.

The Bible says we are not supposed to judge but some Christians over here have ignored that quote and are judging Wendy. Isn't it wonderful how we ignore the speck in our eyes and move ahead to remove that in the eyes of other people? Most of the critics are judging her for "sinning" differently and it is sad.

One statement she made which got me happy was, "We criticize her but play her songs at our weddings". This is the level of hypocrisy in the country. Here is the link to the video.

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