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Remember the Woman who was turned to a Pillar while fleeing Sodom, See what remains of her currently

At the point when the urban areas of Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be obliterated, Lot and his family were instructed (Genesis 19:17) "Getaway for your life; Do not look behind you and don't remain on the plain, run for the mountains in case you be devoured". 

This directions was so they would not show leniency toward their little girls and Son-in-law who wouldn't leave with them, so they would not be held up en route thus that they would not see the holy messengers wrecking the city. At the point when God poured sulfur and fire on the urban areas, Lot's better half didn't follow the charge not to think back as it says in Genesis 19:26 "However his significant other thought once more from behind him and she turned into a mainstay of salt". 

In spite of the fact that the explanation she thought back as per book of scriptures researchers, was that she showed kindness toward her two wedded little girls who lived in Sodom and she needed to verify whether they were following the rest if the family out of the city. 

Close to the Dead Sea, an enormous stone was discovered scientist has recognized it as Lot's significant other. 

Here underneath is what is left right now of her salt height. 

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