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How Does Trauma Affect The Human Soul?

Trauma is a generic term for all the sorts of stresses souls experience in all three realms of incarnation - physical, spiritual, and even god level. It is the reaction to a reality that does not measure up to the illusions we had of what we deserved or were promised by the spiritual guides we have chosen to follow to our current incarnation and level of consciousness - essentially synonymous with cognitive dissonance. Those who understand - or at least try to understand - the reasons for their pain and suffering generally come through it with a better understanding of their own soul and the self-evolving and self-organizing game of souls we all participate in through reincarnation and karma. Those inclined to narcissistic projection will look for others to blame or others to use as crutches to avoid dealing with the trauma eyes wide open.

Now all souls have weaknesses for certain traumas that they find hardest to deal with - the trauma of loss being one that few souls ever completely master, and if they do often leads to the trauma of self-isolation for fear of being hurt again - not really the solution many think it is. These weaknesses to certain types of trauma should be faced and acknowledged as part of your individual soul’s character, not looked on as manifestations of the ego which can or should be killed, as so many of those who have fallen to the Buddhist error believe. Ignoring or hiding our sensitivities to trauma only cause the reaction to new wounds to be magnified by the opening of old ones not yet healed - even trauma from long past lives.

In summary, what I’m trying to tell you is that trauma, and how it affects us is a very personal thing that ultimately must be faced personally, and can’t be more than band aided by physical or spiritual healers working from a “one size fits all” celebrity power based modality of healing. That’s not to say that there aren’t some very fine healers out there of all kinds, but that unless you’re incredibly lucky to find one whose art is fairly closely tuned to your specific situation and soul’s individual path, you could find they do more harm than good. As example, look at the mixed but generally helpful and humble efficacy of like-individual-focused self-help group therapies like Alcoholics Anonymous versus corporate rehab centers or popular gurus and preachers of healing “magic”.

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