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When You Go to America or UK, Don’t Do These 3 Things as It Can Land You in Trouble

It is the dream of most Africans to go to the United State of America or the United Kingdom one day. That is a good dream. After all, the system there; the weather, economy, and the beauty out there is worthy to behold. That is why you should note beforehand the dos and don’ts in these two lands. Some of the things we are going to talk about may not give you any problem in Africa, but in the US or UK, it can land you in serious trouble.

1.The Nazi’s greeting sign

It can be a serious offence to do the Nazi’s greeting sign in the UK or US. You may do it ignorantly because you may not be even aware that it is the Nazi’s sign. The Nazi’s Greeting Sign, also known as Hitler’s Salute is prohibited in most European countries. Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and the Czech Republic all frowns on the use of Hitler’s Salute. In the UK, even if the sign does not draw public attention, you may end up offending people like the Jews. Just learn about it and make sure it never happens to you. Hitler’s salute is where you stand in an attention position and raise a hand forward. Don’t even say “Heil Hitler.”

2.Shouting Allahu Akbar in Public Places

In modern democracies where freedom of speech and religion have prevalence, you may be tempted to speak what you believe. Allahu Akbar is a decent Arabic speech which is translated as “God is great!” If you have watched Trump’s reaction in a video where someone shouted Allahu Abkar, then you will understand what I am talking about. Whereas the word itself is not bad, most terrorist use it in a suicide bombing. That is why you should say it but not shout it in public places. That is not racism or discrimination. An Akan adage says “because of a false priest, we did not believe a truthful one.” 

3. Don’t beat a woman

The United Kingdom and the US are not like some African countries where you can beat a woman and her parents will even come and apologize. Don’t think she is your wife, child or sister so you can discipline her. That will land you in serious trouble. No matter how a woman provokes you in these places, don’t beat her. The rights of the vulnerable of which women are well included are seriously upheld in the US or UK. I just want to let you know before you end up in prison there. If you have any problem with any woman, please go and see the police. If you mistake the US or UK for Nigeria or Ghana, you will laugh at the wrong side of your teeth.

I have done my part, yours is to read, remember and pay heed to it. “Lack of knowledge, my people perish.” That is what God says. Please like, follow me and support me by sharing this article with others. Your comment is very necessary. 

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