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Thursday Morning: Say this prayer before you step out today for financial acceleration

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Joseph's turning point came when he became Prime minister in a land he never belonged to. He moved from the pit, prison, Potiphar's wife and finally Prime minister. His own brothers were surprised of the Glory of God in his life. Today, your story is about to change. The door of financial acceleration is opening up. Esther, David, Reuben and Hannah are good examples of the goodness of God.

#1. Abba Father, I give you praise and Glory for Your presence and blessings over my life.

#2. Father forgive me of all my sins and make me a lover of Your word.

#3. Lord, let your light shine forth upon my path this day. Say this prayer seven times.

#4. I Lord, I declare and decree that my financial path is shining forth today in Jesus name.

#5. I declare and decree that my today will be better than my yesterday financially, academically, health-wise and righteousness life.

#6. O agents of financial stagnation fighting my financial acceleration, by fire and thunder die in Jesus name. Say this prayer seven times.

#7. Arrangements of financial limitation, today your strength is taken from you. My business light will shine. My career path will shine in Jesus name.

#8. I command a great speed of financial blessings into my life today in Jesus name.

#9. I shall not lack in Jesus name. Say this prayer seven times.

#10. My Father and my Lord I bless Your name for answering my prayers. Sing any worship song and thank God.

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