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Religion and christianity.

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The subject about Christianity and religion is arguably one of the most debated topic in the history of Christianity and religion. There are two schools of thoughts; The first one being that Christianity is a religion and the second thought being that Christianity is not a Religion. Many Christians including leaders of various denomination have tried to bring enlightenment to their followers on this topic, but it seems people don't get the picture or have their own motive as to the subject matter.

Today, we are going to look deep into the subject and try to bring understanding to you my readers, and you intend will share to help others come to understanding of the subject.

Christianity is not a religion, but has religious activities within it. What does this means?

The purpose of Christianity wasn't intended to be a religion, in fact, the leader of Christianity which is Jesus Christ came with a sole purpose of redeeming man to God whom He lost fellowship with through disobedience and after the redemption plan, gave man a mandate backed by power to tell others about His sacrifice so that they can have repentance of the heart and mind and come back to the lost fellowship.

We have to notice that when Jesus came to the earth, there were religious bodies such as the Sadducees and Pharisees and co who where operating in His days but didn't attached Himself to them but rather told his followers to be aware of their religious act.

Another prove we can use to justify the claim that Christianity is not a religion is that when Jesus came on earth, He didn't mention or tell his disciples that he's come to form a religion, he just told them His duty on earth and told them their part to play and commissioned them.

How did the name Christians come about? The name came about after the first gentile church was established in antioch in Acts 11:20-26; the people who were around saw the deeds of the disciples and saw that when Christ was alive, that was how he was behaving hence the name Christ-like(Christians), so the name didn't come based on religious activity but rather based on imitation of behavior resulting from fellowship.

so therefore, Christianity doesn't function based on birthright, or nationality but rather on fellowship.

On the other hand, the definition given by dictionaries have it that is part of religion but only on definition basis.



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