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Everyday Monday morning prayer


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the endowment of this Monday morning. The government operatives who had gone to the guaranteed place where there is Canaan were isolated on what they saw. Some of them were dispiriting to the Israelites while others urged them to proceed with the mass migration. 

Dear God, a portion of the reports we get truly breaks our hearts. However, God, you are at any point present and accessible to urge us to hang on. You generally settle on us recollect that decisions have outcomes. 

This Monday morning I appeal to God for your quality as I settle on hard choices in my day to day existence. Let me not get debilitate by Satan's breaking news. Lead me to solidly clutch your guarantees now and perpetually more. 

Master, assist my confidence with expanding as I realize that you are with me amidst the tempest. As l am thrown around by the breezes and floods of life, may my confidence develop as l put my focus on you. 

You have the ability to change any circumstance with a solitary word. May l carry on with life that praises you. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. So be it 

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Good day, have an extraordinary day!

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