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Bishop J Y Adu Healed And Baptized Alleged 19 Spiritually Oppressed Patients At His Church Camp.

The premises of the New Jerusalem Chapel located at the Kumasi Sokoban-Ampayoo in the Ashanti Region was filled to capacity amidst singing of praises to worship God on Sunday September 25 2022, when 19 alleged spiritually oppressed sick patients were baptized into the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

The program took off after several days and months where the 19 patients were admitted from their various towns across the country to the New Jerusalem Chapel camp to undergo through spiritual healings to free themselves.

The alleged spiritual ailments the man of God treated leading to the baptism include madness, drug addicts, epelpescy, stroke, chronic headaches and stomach troubles, ghost and strange forces haunting during day and night times.

Others were curses, chronic waist pains, impotency chronic sores among others.

Preaching a sermon from the Books of Mattew Chapter 8 verse number 5 to 10, Romans 10-9-10, and Galatians 3-6 onward respectively, Bishop Dr J Y Adu described the day as a special and great moment for the church and all guests present.

For God's kindness and mercies for saving the 19 precious souls through him.

Bishop Dr J Y Adu observed that without God's intervention the 19 souls would have been perished through the attacks of the Satan hence there is the need for all to surrender to God.

According to him sickness operates wickedly just like Satan and has no regards nor respect for anyone be a person a President, Army officer, paramount chief, pastor, politician, journalist, accountant or whoever.

The clergy indicated that sickness also creates and bring less joy to family, separation among couples, poverty, disunity, disgrace, alleged suicide among others.

Therefore if one gets healed after sickness nothing should bind the person to sing praises to glorify God who gives life to man even the dead.

The renowned Bishop underscored that man can protect himself against spiritual sickness and attacks if he depends on the blood Jesus Christ who have the keys to solve every problem.

We are not walking on this universe as free people, instead we are struggling against the powers, principalities and the angels of the darkness the clergy insisted.

Therefore our focus needs to be centered on Jesus Christ, Bishop Adu told the congratulation.

Bishop Dr J Y Adu cited about how Jesus Christ saved the soul of a son of an Army Commander who just believed in him (Jesus) in the ancient days of Israelites where the laws hardly permit foreigners to fraternize themselves with the Israelites ordinances and customs.

But through the faith and believe that the Commander had in Jesus Christ he son got healed even though Jesus Christ never sets foot in the house of the Officer.

The Bishop after the baptism ceremony charged the 19 healed souls to surrender their lives to Christ and go home in peace and spread the word.

This was when the healed had gave their testimonies about how God saved them at the church camp through the humble servant of God Bishop Dr J Y Adu.

At the end of the program a special prayers were said for the president of the Republic Nana Akuffo Addo, his vice,Dr Bawumia, traditional authorities, opinion leaders and the entire country for God's protection, unity, peace, stability and development of the country.

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1. Bishop Dr J Y Adu founder and leader, New Jerusalem Chapel.

2 The 19 healed and baptized patients.

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