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Meet the woman whose tattoo made people think it is a dress

Tattoos are strains, paintings or drawings people wear. Many people have different varieties of reasons as to why they wear tattoos.

Some wear tattoos to remember a deceased one or someone dear to them, others to be recognised as belonging to a gang. Some also wears it for fun while others wear it for fashion.

I have to say this because in everything God first, tattooing is against God's will. I remember the time I told someone this and the person was like who told me, where did I see God before he gave me that message.

But no, though God can talk to people in dreams and through people he also has his wishes and you will find all in the Bible. He created us himself and can take our life from us at anytime.

Bur he being so merciful, loving and caring he gave us his only begotten son to die for us in order to wash or clear away our sins bit still humans sin. I don't want to emphasise on this but please all I can say is that avoid doing things that is against the will of God.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

A woman has worn tattoo all over her body and this has made people to think it's a dress.

Just look at the picture above, if I had not told you that it is tattoo you wouldn't have noticed it. She has tattooed her whole body but has left only her neck and foot.

She can go out with that but only her genitals and breast will be spotted so she has hidden in a way no one would know how she did it. When she is standing afar, you will think it's a dress and even when she comes closer you will think the same.

You will notice it's a tattoo only when you touch her there you will see it's her normal body but with strains, paintings or drawings called tattoo.

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