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Best Way to Memorize The Holy Qur'an Easily and Quickly.

A way to have The Holy Qur'an Rooted in your mind.


Read the line 10 times, then repeat it once to yourself. Note: when the word " READ" is used, read the Ayah while looking at the Qur'an. When the word "REPEAT" is used recite the Ayah from memory, even if you have memorized the ayah from before, still do not take your eyes of the page.


If you achieve to repeat it correctly, move on to the next verse, but if you have a problem with a word. Read that word with one word before it and one word after it 5 times. Then read that whole line to yourself.


Move on to line no.2 and read it 10 times, then repeat it once to yourself. By now you have read ayah no.1 and no.2 ten times.


Now repeat step 1, 2, 3 and 4 until you reach your desired number of memorised ayahs. What you have done now is short term memorisation and you might forget it in a couple of weeks.

Now how do you make this memorization long term?

Open up the ayahs memorized with the previous methods and read it 20 times as a whole, preferably with your fingers on the line. Insha Allah, it will settle in your mind as a photographic memory and you will not forget it.

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