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Simple Ways To Stand Firm During Spiritual Attacks That Make Devils Powerless

Do you know how to maintain your composure in the face of supernatural assaults? I have 5 tips for you straight from the book of Job to help you fight back. “So Satan left the presence of the Lord, and he infected Job with awful boils from head to foot.” 2:7 Work

The Purposes of Spiritual Attacks

The more you do to advance God's kingdom and show his glory, the more you can expect malicious, inhuman, and filthy supernatural attacks from an enemy filled with dark malice. I'm sure he'll spit in my face just for writing this post today. When you are attacked, your soul is truly wounded. That's exactly the point. Defeat or kill you so that you can do less for God and others. But it is precisely at this stage that you must stand firm in your religion, showing that nothing can shake a devoted Jesus follower. Job merits the unwelcome honor of "Most Suffering from a Spiritual Attack" more than anyone else in history. This godly, righteous man did nothing to deserve losing everything he loved. God graciously gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Job's story. The true conflict was between God and Satan, not between Job and the enigmatic forces of "fate."

5 Ways to Stand Firm During Spiritual Attacks

Job's spiritual attack teaches us some important lessons that will help us stand firm in our own struggles.

1. God is in perfect control.

All that happened to Job was permitted and governed by God. This is a difficult reality to consider. God knew ahead of time that Job would lose his money, children, and health, but he still allowed the supernatural assault to take place. He is mindful of the heartbreaking losses you will face. What is most important is that God absolutely controlled the timing, magnitude, and length of Job's losses. He'll do the same to yours.

2.  Our suffering glorifies God.

The angels in heaven were all watching Job's supernatural assault with bated breath. They are still keeping an eye on you. Any of our pain is specifically meant for a divine audience in ways we will not understand until we get to heaven. When we choose to choose God amid our suffering, God earns a special kind of glory. When we make the option, He is definitely glorified on earth, but it also matters in the unknown celestial world in ways we cannot comprehend.

3. We can make as many complaints to God as we want.

God does not expect us to enjoy the agony of supernatural assaults. The bulk of Job's book is devoted to his laments. He gets down and dirty with Heaven, wanting to know why he was born in the first place. This isn't sugar-coated, shallow confidence. This is genuine, vulnerable faith, laid bare before the creator of the universe. This kind of honesty seems to be desired (and rewarded) by God; I know this firsthand. We won't overburden our loved ones if we guide our grievances upward (though sharing with a few supportive friends is definitely therapeutic). We'll also strengthen our relationship with God as a result of this.

4.  We can praise God during spiritual attacks.

Job wrote one of the most inspiring, faith-filled verses in the Bible while still lying in ashes and scratching his infested boils with a pottery shard. “But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last,” this broken man said (Job 19:25 NLT). He had prayed for a mediator (16:21) and foretold the birth of the supreme Mediator, Jesus Christ. His praise in the midst of hardship is an inspiration to all of us.

5.  God always wins.

At the end of Job's story, God rewarded Job for fully trusting God during a time of unparalleled (and still unrivaled) misery. In your novel, he wants to prove the enemy wrong. He will triumph over your spiritual enemies if you depend on him to equip, inspire, strengthen, and comfort you.

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