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Obey This Instruction- Professor Gyampo Says

Professor Gyampo's message to fans and Ghanaians has got massive reactions.

In 1 Samuel 15, God had given specific instructions to Saul through the prophet Samuel that all the Amelekites should be destroyed and be totally wiped out for their evil deeds against Israel. Everything that belonged to the people of Amelek, was to be destroyed, including their animals.

Saul, as we know, obeyed this instruction and with his troupes, he invaded the Amelekites. He destroyed all, but spared the best sheep and the life of King Agag.

After the invasion, Samuel visited the camp of the soldiers, perhaps to congratulate them for carrying out the orders of God.

As Samuel approached the camp, Saul greeted and told him how he had obeyed the orders to destroy the Amelikites and everything that belonged to them.

But Samuel replied, “what then is this bleating of sheep in my ears? Beloved, this act of disobedience by Saul marked the beginning of the end of his reign as King. 

This message comes to all of us, particularly those of us who claim

to have given our lives to God through Christ. If we have truly surrendered our lives fully to Christ and obey Him just as we claim to do, then where from these sounds of bleating sheep all around us? 

These sounds of bleating sheep around us include, the kinds of things we do to please ourselves and fellow men even when we know they go contrary to what God has commanded us. We still fornicate, steal and cheat big time. We lie our way through everything.

At times we are the most unforgiving persons on earth, yet the first at church and last to leave. We act and speak to make everyone believe we walk in perfect obedience, yet in our heart of hearts, we know we are not.

May we reflect on the sounds of bleating sheep in our very lives today and ask the Holy Spirit to deliver us from disobedience. As children of God, ours is a call for TOTAL OBEDIENCE. No tolerance of any sound of bleeding sheep around us. 

This is a higher standard for us as human beings and it would take only the grace of God to assist us. May God help us deal with every bleeting sinful attitude even as we claim to have accepted and obeyed Him.

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