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Stop What Ever You are Doing, Say These Prayers To Unlock Your Riches

Prayer for money is the wonderful way to focus on your time and attention on seeking God’s plan for the day ahead. Whether you need encouragement, peace, strength for money and financial break through, prayer for money blessings can help you.

The conscious mind competently focuses on only a couple of factors at a time and is really overwhelmed. The conscious mind, like the neural network it is, can keep an inarticulate but effectively accurate count of many variables at once, You can unlock your physical wealth in the spiritual realm when you make prayer your daily habit. The Bible said call me in the time of trouble and I will hear your cry.

Poverty becomes your second name when you fail to pray. The Lord answereth prayers and he has prepared your breakthrough for you. I hope these prayers will help you.

1. Dear God, we thank you for your generous blessings and kindness.

2. We’re grateful to you for providing our daily needs and for our spiritual and physical nourishment.

3. We thank you for guiding all beings here on earth towards righteousness and nobility

4. It’s with this thankful heart that we come once again to ask for your all-encompassing love.

5. We affirm that you are omniscient and loving

6. We affirm your all-abounding generosity

7. We come before you with thankful hearts to pray for abundance

8. Abundance for people of all race’s creed or color,

9. Abundance for our friends, abundance for our families and abundance for ourselves

10. Grant that we, not only acquire wealth and money but spiritual and moral wealth, as well.

11. Dear Lord, we know that the greater the effort we exert in earning our money, the greater will be the reward.

12. We’re willing to serve you, whiles working hard. We are certain that with our persistence and your blessings, abundance would be manifested from our endeavor.

13. Bestow your guiding hand that whatever financial gains we reap, we’ll not forget that they all come from you. Our wealth will serve as a tool to stay righteous and to help those in need.

14. May our prayers merit your blessings. Please Lord, I beg of you to intercede on my behalf. Provide me with the financial means to be able to breathe again. 


You are blessed.

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