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Use This Two Things With Your Prayer And Say Goodbye To Bad Luck

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 Today I'm going to teach you how to use your own urine with sugar and prayers to say goodbye to bad luck in your life. And I can promise you that you will see big changes in your life when you perform this spiritual direction. You will see a big favor from God will locate you everywhere you are.


Without wasting much time here let us move on to this prayer direction below here;

I would like you to get your Early morning urine when you wake up from bed in a clean container and also find sugar.

You will find the center of your room and stand with this urine and the sugar, add some amount of sugar into the urine and leave the rest of your sugar.

Now start praying over your urine, telling God to remove everything that the devil has planned against you, everything that has been a bad luck for you, everything that doesn't make you prosper so that you can't find your Destiny helper to locate you.

After prayers use your own urine to wash your face without using any water on your face.

Note: Make sure that the sugar that you will add to the urine will not be too much.

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