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Let's look at why these people choose to be LGBTQ and pray for them Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manso

Head of Reconciliation International in London, Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manso has advised that members of the LGBTQ+ should not be abandoned because they are not evil but rather we should pray for them to change their ways. 

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Archbishop indicated that most of them become gays and lesbians because of some relationship failures. Hence, they must be counselled and not abandoned. 

“Let us go into the genesis of how they became gays or lesbians. Some girls learnt it from school. Others also had bad marriage experiences and do not want to be in a relationship with the opposite sex. Let's look at these things, pray for them and love them,” he mentioned. 

Responding to his thoughts on the bill, the Archbishop stated that culturally, it is unacceptable and democratically if the bill is passed or not, Ghanaians must accept it. 

“Secondly, these people are not evil. They were pushed into it so we must love them and some may change. Once it has been presented to parliament, they need to vote on it. But whatever the outcome may be, we must accept it,” he reiterated.  

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