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"Are you safe?" what the Bible talks about fear.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

Many People Live In A State Of Chronic Anxiety, Feeling Isolated And Threatened By All The Potential Threats Of Modern Life. While Fear Feels Very Real, Our True Self Can Never Be Hurt Or Threatened.

That’s Why The Ancient Sages Said That All Fear Is Born Of Duality. When We Know Ourselves To Be One With The Ground Of All Existence, Then Nothing Is Separate Or Foreign To Our Nature And Therefore Nothing Can Truly Threaten Us.

You Can Gradually Begin To Let Go Of Unhealthy Fear By Questioning Your Thoughts And Opening Your Awareness. When Fear Arises, Just Observe Yourself. See Yourself, Notice What Your Body And Breath Are Doing, Watch Your Behavior, Your Tone Of Voice—all Of It. Then Ask Yourself, “Who Is It That Is Observing All This?” The Observer Is Your Core Self, Your Quiet Center That Exists Outside Of And Independent Of Your Fear. Shift Your Center Of Identity To That Authentic Self, And From That Place You Can Be With Fear Without Being In Its Grip.

The Fear Is Then Only A Disturbance Within Your Larger Field. This Settled Presence Of Your Awareness Will Allow Your Fear To Dissipate As You Experience The Joy And Peace Within.


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