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How To Use Lemon And Salt To Spiritually Confront Your Perceived Enemies (Foes)

You'll need a green lemon, a plate, and some salt to deal with your opponents effectively. You will chop the lemon, then fetch your plate and place it on it, along with your salt. At that moment, you should put your plate somewhere in your house where your family spends a lot of time.

The next day, place your lemon in an elastic sack and don't touch it until it's completed drawing in all the cunning energy. Rep this daily schedule for another four or seven days. You will notice positive changes, believe me. Your foes are no longer able to attack you.

These are the reasons why our creator created these plants: they are beneficial to us.

Lemon has the ability to exorcise all wicked and satanic entities. You can also store lemons in your pack on a regular basis. However, when you remove the lemon from the bag at night, you will notice that it has dried. It attracts and assimilates all the dreadful spirits that will oppose you.

Remove it from your pack and replace it with another lemon the next day.

Thank you very much.

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