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Is This Staged Or Real? - Reactions After A Woman Was Caught Hiding And Eat During Ramadan Fasting

All Muslims across the globe are currently fasting. This is Ramadan fasting which involves stopping eating, drinking and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset. Practitioners can engage in all these acts once fasting is broken and restart fasting the next dawn. The cycle continues for a whole month. Any Muslim who for one reason or the other fails to fast for some of the days in the given month will have to continue fasting when others break their fasting at the end of the month.

However, the Muslim lady in your picture was caught on camera hiding at the back of a house and eating. Checking the atmosphere, this probably occurred in the afternoon when she can no longer control her hunger. Watching the pictures in this article, you can see that she was holding a polythene bag containing food. When she got to the back of the house, she check around to see if there is someone watching her.

After realizing that nobody is around, she quickly removed the food and started eating. However, some social media users after coming across this said that it is probable that this is staged because she didn't look in the direction of the camera when she was checking around.

Others said that this could be true because some people cannot control themselves in terms of fasting. Others may also be having some challenges but cannot tell the family. The only way is to hide and eat. Check out some of the reactions below:

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